The application may be powered by the complete livestock production system controller or by a smaller controller that will compliment your existing system

All of the AVI35 features are controlled by an intuitive application powered by the Genius Itouch from Varifan. The objective behind the heat exchange application is to provide flexibility to the farm manager. One can decide to work more on litter drying by reducing humidity, where as another may decide to focus more on heat savings. 

The fresh air ventilator's speed is influenced by:

  • The external temperature

  • The heat exchange cartridge temperature

  • The age of the flock

  • The evacuation output of the exhaust ventilator.

The exhaust ventilator's speed is influenced by:

  • The barn temperature

  • The age of the flock

  • The relative humidity in the barn

Other features include:

  • Integrated washing system

  • Wi-fi compatible

  • Defrost cycles under extreme conditions

  • Farmquest connected

exacon 14 video data.png