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Evacuation Mode

  • A simple electrical relay inverses the fresh air ventilator's rotation, which results in a full evacuation ventilation system. 

  • The AVI35 is equipped with a set of removable backdraft louvers that is installed in the service door during the evacuation mode to prevent drafts entering the barn when the fan is not in function.

  • All of the AVI35 features are controlled by an intuitive application powered by the Itouch from Varifan. 

  • Both Multifan 14" ventilators function at independent variable speeds; therefore, each fan as its own temperature set point. In the evacuation mode, the AVI35 is a two stages ventilation unit.

  • When both ventilators evacuate the stale air, the ventilation output is equivalent to a 22 inch fan. 

Two different motors available

  • Multifan 2E35Q

  • Multifan 4E35Q


Air intake motor inverses its rotation in evacuation mode in order for both fans to evacuate moist air

Louvers are installed to prevent backdrafts in evacuation mode

Heat exchange cartridge is removed to allow air

flow across both air inlets and outlet 

Understanding the hybrid system

En instance de brevet/patent pending, USPTO application #62/366,657

The AVI35  hybrid   heat exchanger is designed to recover heat energy from the exhaust ventilation only when it is most profitable to the grower.

In the summer, when more exhaust is desired, one can easily remove the heat exchange cartridge and install the set of louvers in the service door to prevent backdrafts entering the barn. 

Finally, once the spout is removed and the air intake fan's rotation is reversedthe AVI35 is quickly converted to a full exhaust ventilation system, where each fan has its own set point. 

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