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Keet Farm Inc

Georgeville, Qc

We installed 23 Avi-Air heat exchangers last fall. We were looking at different types of machines for the past few years. But when the Avi-air came out it had all the characteristics that we were looking for , low maintenance, auto flush and the auto defrost. We remove and wash the core between flock. But for the rest it's all controlled with the genius controller. With the results we had this past winter, we figure they should pay for itself within four to five years depending on of the barn efficiency. I have never seen such a dry litter in the winter since the installation of  those machines. I was pleasantly surprised and satisfied of the performance of the machines.


Jose Keet

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Ferme Jean Ranger Inc

St-Isidore, On

Hi. My name is Jean Ranger. My daughter and I operate a broiler farm in the most Eastern part of Ontario. Many years ago, I started to build homemade heat exchangers out of plywood and plastic. That is how I became aware of the potential of these machines. I was faced with three major drawbacks: 1) difficult to clean, 2) no proper de-icing, 3) not applicable for multistoried barns. In the fall of 2018, I purchased the AVI-AIR heat exchanger. Those three issues were solved. The selling price compared to other makes facilitated my choice. I was impressed by the high quality of all the components. The inside probe links the indoor and outdoor temperatures. Using readily available software, it became a highly efficient machine. I am looking at a 4 to 5-year payback based on today’s propane prices. Lower energy consumption is only half of the benefits. Better air quality, dryer litter, basically healthier and consistent environment is a real plus. I am sure the AVI-AIR system will be really useful during the spring and the fall. Ontario’s move to one-story barn will bring higher energy consumption. The AVI-AIR heat recovery system will solve that deficiency.  

Jean Ranger

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