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Avi35 recovery

  • Minimum output is 375 CFM

  • Maximum output is 1500 CFM

  • 37000 BTU/hr heat flow at 0° C

  • 65000 BTU/hr heat flow at -20° C

  • A probe placed in front of the heat exchange cartridge monitors the air intake temperature. As a result, the intake ventilator varies its speed in order to maintain the desirable air intake temperature for the young chicks. 

  • The AVI35 comes with an automatic washing system that flushes dusts out of the heat exchange cartridge periodically. No air restricting filters required.

  • Washing and defrost cycles are programmed into the Avi28 controller


55 % Sensible temperature recovery efficiency at 0° celcius


AVI35 Advantages  

  • Up to 50% gas economy

  • COand ammonia reduction

  • Variable speed ventilation 

  • Improves animal welfare

  • Automated washing system

  • Automated deicing system

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